Your Hair, Your Way

Amblecote ~ Bedford  ~ Milton Keynes ~ Weston Favell

Elliotts Hairdressing has over 26 years of hairdressing experience and six salons across the Midlands; so, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about styling hair. Our salons are family-friendly and provide services for ladies, gents and children.

To make the lives of our clients easier, all of our salons are situated inside or next to supermarkets. This is particularly handy for families who need to do a food shop but also need to squeeze in a haircut. With us, you can do both easily.

This is what we’re all about here at Elliotts Hairdressing; making your life easier. It’s not just about cutting hair or finding a new look – although we can certainly help you with that! It’s about making your visit with us as friendly and stress-free as possible.

Why choose Elliotts Hairdressing?

Ask yourself, what keeps you going back to the same hairdresser you’ve been visiting for years? Is it the price? Perhaps it’s the ease of the location? Or maybe it’s your loyalty to the stylist that knows exactly what you want your hair to look like?

Why settle for just one of these reasons when you can have all of them? Some of our clients have been visiting our salons for years for all of these reasons and more.

Our salons are easy to access by car or public transport as they are located in areas that you would be going to anyway for your groceries. You don’t have to make a special trip just to get your hair done and if you’re visiting by car, there’s ample car parking space.

Along with our great locations, our stylists are approachable and friendly. We have over 40 stylists working across our salons and they are a welcoming bunch! We don’t believe that your visit to the hairdressers should be intimidating which is why our stylists listen to what you want and make you feel at home.

We provide a professional standard by offering a range of hairdressing services for ladies, gents and children by fully qualified and highly experienced stylists. Our family-friendly salons deliver a diverse range of styling services to clients… ladies, gents and children alike.